Catering for the increasing numbers of larger patients, our fully equipped bariatric ambulance is a valuable resource. With enough room for a hospital bed inside, options include a 28 stone c-max U2 stair climber and a specialist wheelchair rated for patients up to 50 stone. All our staff are specially trained to transport bariatric patients, we have a dedicated training area and team leader to guide and help staff.

The safe transportation of bariatric patients from hospital to home relies on our full assessment of any access limitations. One of our Management team will conduct a home assessment prior to the patients first journey with WPAS to determine the following:

Movement of organs between hospitals is an important growth area for WPAS and we are committed to continuing  development of rapid transit services, with fully trained team members who are accustomed to taking co-ordinators, teams or retrieved organs to their destination.
Two of our current fleet are adapted for incubators, with on board invertors providing a 240v supply. Our staff are trained in all aspects of incubator use, including safe securing methods. Seating is available for medical escorts and parents. Blue lights and two tones are available for emergency situations.
Bariatric Ambulance
Bariatric stretcher
Bariatric wheelchair
Stair climber
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Renault Traffic
Renault Traffic inside
Is the entrance wide enough for a stretcher or wheelchair?
Which room is the patient going to?
Can we get close to the bed?
Is there a hoist?
Do we need ramps or extra staff
Will there be anyone at home to recieve us and look after the patient when we leave?
The importance of the home assessment cannot be underestimated. The results of our findings will allow us to tailor the safe and dignified transportation of the patient.

We are members of the British Ambulance Association (The BAA) and of the National Association of Private Ambulance Services (NAPAS)

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