Anyone who needs an ambulance has a right to expect the highest standards of qualified care. That holds true for a routine transfer between home and hospital, for a relocation using specialist facilities or for an urgent and unexpected journey.

West Country Private Ambulance Service (WPAS) offers highly experienced teams and a range of modern, dedicated vehicles. Our reputation has been built on a solid commitment  to both the patient and hospital needs - we do everything possible to ensure safety, comfort and dignity.
Every ambulance journey is part of a bigger and more important picture. No matter what the task, the first priority must be patient comfort and a dependable service, along with the training and equipment needed to ensure a successful outcome.

WPAS has always offered a range of patient transport options, working closely with NHS Trusts, private hospitals and other organisations to integrate smoothly into routine service provision. We offer a spectrum of patient journey types including long distances, routine transfers and events coverage.

Steady growth has allowed us to develop far beyond the routine and we have recently made significant investments to cope with an even wider range of demands. All of our services are run from a state-of-the-art control room, complete with real-time status updates directly from vehicles.

We are members of the British Ambulance Association (The BAA) and of the National Association of Private Ambulance Services (NAPAS)

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